Qwrkee Vegan Jerky, 70g

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The best alternative to meat jerky. Made from Soy protein with a texture to match meat jerky, Qwrkee Vegan Jerky is high in both protein and dietary fibre and is completely gluten and GMO free.

- the ideal salty snack after sports, activities and between meals

- goes well with salad, sandwich, wraps, rice, soup, pasta etc.

- gluten-free, vegan

- Available in a choice of four flavors

The snacks are packed in 100% recyclable bags.


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Data sheet

Vegan Snack with Soy
Delicious as a snack with your favourite drink, as a side dish in a wrap, sandwich, pasta, rice, soup, salad or even as an alternative to fondue chinoise. Store in a cool and dry place, not above 24°C.
Country of origin
Great Britain
100% recyclable packaging

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