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Sunwarrior started in the backyard of a health food store in a tiny desert town when two friends rejected the unacceptable proteins on the market. They believe that each of us has the power over our own health if we have access to the right food, knowledge and tools

Blend SUNWARRIOR plantbased...

Von CHF36.59

Sunwarrior Blend is an easily digestible, nutrient-packed product - perfect for those who want to improve their physical well-being and fitness every day.

- Easily digestible and filling

- Free of artificial dyes & preservatives

- Free of soy,...

Classic Plus SUNWARRIOR...

Von CHF36.59

Sunwarrior Classic Plus the biological plant-based protein developed on the basis of the well-known Sunwarrior plant proteins. Organic rice protein, organic pea protein, organic chia seed protein, organic quinoa protein and organic amaranth protein. It tastes delicious, contains all 18 amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

- Easily digestible and filling
- Free of radiation,...

Classic SUNWARRIOR Rice...

Von CHF36.59

Sunwarriors Classic plant-based rice protein from fermented, germinated brown rice is carefully heated below 42 degrees during the production process to keep its raw food quality.

- Easily digestible and filling

- Free of artificial dyes, preservatives

- Free of soy, hypoallergenic

- Ideal for weight loss & muscle...

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Illumin8 Starter-Set...


Prepare your shake on the go. Supplement your daily routine with high-quality nutrients or mix something tasty for before or after training and load up your cells with energy. 

- 40g sample packages in three flavours; Vanilla Bean, Mocha, Aztec Chocolat plus a Sunwarrior Shaker Cup
- Organic protein from yellow peas, brown rice, chia, quinoa, flax seed and sprouts

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Von CHF43.80

Cover your daily requirements with high-quality proteins, gluten-free carbohydrates, fats, minerals, dietary fibres, natural vitamins, enzymes and probiotics.

- Organic protein from yellow peas, brown rice, chia, quinoa, linseed and sprouts
- Gluten-free carbohydrates from amaranth, quinoa, chickpea and lentils
- Chia, linseed and coconut provide the fats for your cells

Ormus Supergreens SUNWARRIOR


The mineral- and chlorophyll-rich plants used for the Ormus Supergreens grow on untouched volcanic soils. Sunwarrior uses a special drying process that never heats the plants above 40 degrees. For those who need a little more green in their lives.

- Easily digestible and satiable
- Free of radiation, artificial dyes, preservatives
- Free of soy, hypoallergenic


Von CHF3.41

Organic ingredients that taste like sunshine and joy. With 17 to 19 grams of vegetable protein, this bar gives you plenty of fuel. If you cannot decide which bar you will like the most, it is best to order one of each kind ;-)

Flavors: Cinnamon roll, salted caramel, blueberry explosion and coconut cashew are our delicious "go-to" protein bars.