List of products by brand QWRKEE

The most important parameter of QWRKEE in the development was "TASTE" because if food does not taste good we will not eat it again even if it has all functional advantages. With this vision they have set out to create something that they believe is an amazingly tasty selection of innovations that not only taste good but are also good for you and the environment. It took more than 150+ different ingredients a variety of kitchen appliances more than 75 trials and more than 6 months before QWRKEE agreed on the taste and texture of our vegan newcomers.  

Qwrkee Pea drink, 1l


M'LK, made from purest pea protein (95% pure) with a creamy soft texture to combine all the nutritional benefits of dairy products.

Lactose-free, nut- and soya-free, rich in Omega 3 and protein. 

With fibre, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus and vitamins B2,...

Qwrkee Vegan Jerky, 70g


The best alternative to meat jerky. Made from Soy protein with a texture to match meat jerky, Qwrkee Vegan Jerky is high in both protein and dietary fibre and is completely gluten and GMO free.

- the ideal salty snack after sports, activities and between meals

- goes well with salad, sandwich, wraps, rice, soup, pasta etc.


Qwrkee Vegan Puffs, 80g


The nutritious Puffs are the ideal snack at any time of the day. The base for the vegan snack is the fava bean which is a protein-rich power package. Pea, millet and rice flour and real spices round off this spicy snack. 

- perfect snack for after sports, after activities, to snack between meals

- gluten-free, vegan

- high fiber content