The owner and head coach Benjamin has been a vegan himself for over 10 years and appreciates the advantages of wholesome, vegetable food. Shorter recovery phases, thanks to fast regeneration. More energy and endurance not only in training but also in everyday life.

You can see them running or running in small groups, with medicine balls under their arms or heavy steel balls, called kettlebells, through the streets around Egnach station. Rowers whirr at Bahnhofstrasse 3 and sometimes the barbells clang on the floor. There is a lot of snorting and sweating in the group when everyone is instructed by an experienced trainer at the same workout, the training session. After an hour everything is over and the next group starts training. Constant alternation in the workouts with high intensity and functional, i.e. lifelike and realistic movement sequences lead to quick results. The whole body is used and strength and endurance training are combined.

This refers to CrossFitters who have arrived in Egnach. CrossFit is one of the fastest growing sports of the last few years from the USA, which now has more than 15'000 so called Boxing worldwide, with about 3 million active participants. What is important in CrossFit is nutrition, training but also the group itself. You get to know each other quickly and the joint workouts quickly weld together. This, combined with optimal nutrition, helps the body to regenerate and build up strength quickly. CrossFit is the means to an end: better mobility, strength and agility. An improved cardiovascular system, which makes tasks or leisure sports easier.

If you look into the box, one thing stands out above all others: There are hardly any machines as in the usual fitness studios. Pull-up bars, rowing machines, barbells and weights. A few rubber bands and ropes for skipping. Kettlebells and medicine balls, a few big tractor tyres. Everything else is done by the so-called athletes. The own body weight is usually enough for a sweaty training session.

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