The weekly workouts are now indispensable. Strength training is my passion. But there is more to this term than just physical activity. In the last few years I have developed enormously personally and I owe a lot to the new, sporty lifestyle. Not only do I move more, become fitter and stronger, but I also eat a healthy and tasty diet. But this is mainly after the change to a plant-based diet in 2017.

For ethical reasons I have decided to switch to a vegan diet. But at the beginning I was very sceptical and was afraid of losing my muscles and suffering from countless deficiency symptoms. Therefore I contacted a vegan bodybuilder from Germany. She showed me that muscle building and healthy lifestyle is also possible vegan. That gave me courage and so I changed my habits little by little. Today vegan nutrition is completely normal for me and I can't imagine life without it.

Bezüglich Muskelaufbau und Training Regarding muscle building and training I notice many advantages, especially in the areas of energy metabolism and regeneration. I have definitely built up muscles and that with a percentage of less fat. Today I ask myself why I didn't change my diet earlier, at least to a plant-based diet. By changing my diet I acquired a lot of knowledge.

In order to understand the connections even better, I am currently training to become a holistic nutritionist in order to be able to provide my clients with holistic care. In addition, I have completed various training courses at the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports, among others as a fitness trainer. Because fitness and nutrition belong together, I integrate nutritional advice directly into personal training.

You can book individual lessons with me or monthly subscriptions, where I actively support my clients for a certain time and pass on my profound knowledge. My goal is to make my clients enjoy exercise and to show them how they can efficiently achieve their desired figure. I also show how easy it is to integrate healthy and delicious food into everyday life.

The trainings take place in a personal training studio in Zurich, at the client's home or outside. Further information about me and my offer can be found at: Thanks & Greetings Nadja

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